Staying in Serviced apartments

Tips when moving into serviced apartments

Congratulations that you are planning to book a serviced apartment for your accommodations. You are going to book a home like your own home. You may find it difficult to do some research about the serviced apartments, its offerings, furniture and equipment availability which helps you to do packaging for your business tour.

Before you start your journey to stay in serviced apartments, here are some tips that can help you with more comfortable stay in relaxed way.

1. All conversations by mail: whenever you are planning to book serviced apartment, ask for all the services and facilities available by email. In serviced apartment, it is possible that the tariff will be different depending upon different customized facilities. Having an email conversation helps you to recheck all the services and facilities upon arrival.

2. Check internet facilities: ask for complementary internet facilities and check the speed. Though serviced apartments provides internet facilities speed may not be great.

3. Are you getting fully equipped kitchen: when you are planning to book serviced apartments for long term, having a fully equipped kitchen with fridge, microwave and basic utensils is essential. You may like outside food very much but that not always a good idea for health. Homemade food is good for long period.

4. Laundry facilities: usually washing machine should be there in a serviced apartment or even if you getting a furnished apartment. This helps you to reduce laundry cost.

5. Make a list of medicine: if you are coming from outside of India, please make a list of medicine and carry medicine for some days.

6. Your papers: it is one of the most valuable things. So be very sure to keep the papers locked in your bags and keep that in your person drawer.

7. Maintenance of the apartment: when you move to a serviced apartment, if is the service provide responsibility to maintain the apartment if you have damaged any soft or hard furnishing. So ask the serviced apartment provider to clean the apartment regularly and do general maintenance.

Deltrum Residential Serviced apartments in Bangalore provide accommodations near Manyata tech park, Hebbal in Bangalore. This location is very convenient to stay near Bangalore airport and Bangalore international exhibition center. We are also available in Sarjapur road and Indira nagar in Bangalore. Book Deltrum Residential serviced apartment for your luxurious stay in Bangalore. Stay hustle free and worry free.

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