Combination of Technology

In this largely consumer driven hospitality industry it is obvious that technological usages and it support have enormous impact to drive the guest in the project, giving them more user friendly environmentally and speeding up the operation.

In the serviced apartment industry, the major alternative for good and star hotels, it is essential to integrate the technology for running smooth operation to make this more guest centric.

Here are some technologies that we have integrated in our Serviced apartment’s Eco system to take the guest services up to the mark.

  1. Online booking system: the third party booking system is very popular now a day because of its instant booking behavior. People can find our serviced apartments in various online portals or online booking systems. This helps our guest to book our serviced apartments on the ways to our project. This also helps to build a fare customer base for our service apartments.
  2. POS system: Point of Sale mechanism is one of the major services and the machine is very handy equipment. People use debit or credit card to payoff various services. Caring cash is old fashion was and not safe. Therefore, we have introduced POS system so that the payment system works smoothly.
  3. Smart phones: in these days the use of smart phones are very popular and people are using this to book various hospitality services. The application in various smart phone operating systems allows us to interact with the guest vary smoothly especially what’s app, messengers etc. These handy technologies help to reduce cost of interacting for either side. The website or the online portals are also smart phone friendly so that the guest can book our serviced apartments in various ways, can call us in any moment by one click, and can get direction to our service apartment easily.
  4. Smart appliances: guest come for business travel or for leisure, it is for sure that people do not want to waste time by performing various works. In our serviced apartments, we have microwave, fridge, washing machine etc. that people use to shorten the time laps to do the purpose they have come for. Our televisions are also smart TV. as per the standard with star TV net work.

Deltrum serviced apartments in Bangalore, Kolkata and Goa are not only accommodation service, but all our apartments are fully serviced with the above service to comfort the guest and giving better stay experience while stay with us.

In Deltrum Serviced apartments, internet facilities are available as complementary. Now you can do your work from Home easily! The apartments are equipped with LED/LCD television with digital net work. You can choose your own channel while long stay.

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