Service Apartments for Extended stay

Serviced apartment: A posh entry in your extended stay

Today’s business travelers have different taste and new rule. Reports say that there are over 750000 serviced apartments for extended stay worldwide. Yes, Deltrum Residential serviced apartments are providing luxury at your budget with hotel like facilities during your stay but you will be staying at Home.

Deltrum Serviced Apartment for Extended Stay

Deltrum Residential serviced apartments are consecutively  located near the IT parks and business centers in Bangalore and Kolkata. Being located centrally to  the business areas, Deltrum serviced apartments are very convenient for the visitors in the city wants to stay close by to the work place comfortably in a modern and stylish place for the short and long stay.

Serviced Apartments are the ideal place to stay single, double and even with family for short and extended stay in the work place. Deltrum Serviced apartments are not providing usual hotel room but a complete apartment for your entire stay tenor. As it is an apartment, even if you are staying alone, you will find lot of people around you came for the same reason and staying with us. Read more

Accommodation Types

Understanding different types of accommodation

Travel is a major activity that human use to do in every stage in life. Now a day’s one single person can be a traveler for various reasons. The reasons may be for Business Travel, travel with friends, travelers with family or vacation travelers also. For whatever the reason you travel, you need to have an accommodation. It is difficult to understand what kindly of accommodation you need for staying in various places. We are giving you some types of accommodation facilities that people use generally.

  1. Hotel: it is an accommodation facility with majorly room concept. This is including of various guest services such as, breakfast, Internet use, housekeeping, and other food facilities and so on. Hotels are chosen majorly for short-term stay. Hotels are usually categorized with various STAR depending on facilities in all over the world.
  2. Boutique Hotel: These provide high quality of guest oriented services, furnished with various themes and personalized experience.
  3. Bed and Breakfast: it is an independent establishment. Breakfast is served with accommodation.
  4. Business Hotels: these hotels are strategically located near business areas and IT parks. These hotels majorly serve to business travelers. Business hotels are well equipped with various corporate facilities and services such as Internet access, conference rooms and F&B facilities.
  5. Apart-hotels: it is smart choice for the guests who are coming for long stay in a city or business areas. These are specially serving for long-term stay. Apartment-hotels or apart-hotels are the combination of hotel facilities given in an apartment.
  6. Guesthouse: Private house offering accommodation in lower cost.
  7. Extended stay hotels: this offers the traditional comfort of home in discounted tariff for long stay guests.
  8. Pent house: the highest floor of a building equipped with luxury amenities, made for guest stay.

Where Deltrum Residential is positioning: Deltrum Residential is serving to the guest who is coming single, with corporate team members and families coming for relocation or vocational stay. By considering the customers and the services that we provide which includes morning breakfast, Internet access, daily housekeeping, fully equipped kitchen with gas connection and the strategic location, Deltrum serviced apartment is Apart-Hotel for Extended Stay.

Staying in Indiranagar Bangalore

Serviced apartments for short and long duration of stay in Indiranagar Bangalore

About Indira nagar

A well-populated neighborhood, located in east zone of Bangalore is Indiranagar. It is surrounded by Ulsoor, Domlur, Byppanahalli and Vimanapura. Indira nagar is relatively newer place in Bangalore and has attraction of various corporate, business persona and also Individuals around the country. Indira nagar is a cosmopolitan area for living with the people all around the world. In here, we will let you know why people chose serviced apartments in Indiranagar Bangalore. Read more

Must know about Serviced apartments

About serviced apartments – You need to Know

When you are looking for short term rented apartment or long term accommodations, it is always a good idea to book serviced apartments rather than staying in rented flats. Serviced apartments are very easy to find and make your stay worry free. There are various points that can help you to know about service apartments and your gain whenever you are planning to stay in other city than your own home.
Fully commercialized: serviced apartments are fully commercialized accommodation facilities like hotel.

Zero Brokerage: serviced apartment providers are not broker. They are the operators like hotel operates and accommodates various guests. The place may not be owned by them or they have taken for very long term lease.

Only apartments: usually service apartments do not have rooms format for accommodations. As serviced apartments are operating in flats and apartment, when you are booking a serviced apartments, it going to be a flat where you are going to stay. Read more

Budget Serviced apartments

Budgeted serviced apartments in Bangalore-Kolkata and Goa

The serviced apartment’s impressions have received lot of popularity due to the high quality of services and affordability. Budget Serviced apartments in Bangalore,  Kolkata and Goa are giving the prospect of staying more comfortably and paying much lee than to the hotels. Yes, it is really the strong stay option if you are going to stay with the family, looking for more space during your short or long duration and of course if you are travelling with corporate and business team members.

Bangalore is reaching very fast to the highest demand of Business opportunities and the need of accommodations of various executives, business travelers and corporate is also increasing significantly. Serviced apartments in Bangalore are offering great quality of hard and soft furnishing as per the modern standard to accommodate the guests. These serviced apartments are almost like a home having facility of hot and cold water, air conditioned room, fully equipped kitchen, fridge, washing machine and most important is free high speed internet. Read more

Staying in Serviced apartments

Tips when moving into serviced apartments

Congratulations that you are planning to book a serviced apartment for your accommodations. You are going to book a home like your own home. You may find it difficult to do some research about the serviced apartments, its offerings, furniture and equipment availability which helps you to do packaging for your business tour. Read more

Serviced apartments for short and long stay

Guidelines for accommodation of short and long stay in Bangalore

Bangalore is called as Silicon Valley of India and the most popular city for Information technology and startup hub in India. Bangalore is also known as the capital of IT sector. There are very few corporate who does not have office or BPO in Bangalore.

Being one of the busy and reach cities for corporate, there are numerous numbers of business travelers, corporate and people for attending exhibitions are coming in Bangalore. In these circumstances, corporate need to stay together with the team for short and even for longer duration for finishing assignments. Read more

Best Serviced Apartments for Corporate People by Deltrum Residential

Since the past few years, serviced apartments have taken over the hospitality sector and have been a popular preference for most corporate and business travelers over conventional hotels. One of the most obvious advantages of a serviced apartment is the fact that it is a far more spacious alternative to a cramped hotel room. This works really well for guests especially if they are on a longer stay. It beats the monotony of returning to the same old hotel room and gives the feeling of returning home instead, after a long day of work in a different city.

This also works well especially for guests travelling with family, as there are separate bedrooms, living room, dining space and kitchen. Most serviced apartments in Bangalore are furnished to make the stay comfortable and are equipped with a fully functional kitchen, including a microwave oven, washing machine, hob, refrigerator and the works. The domestic help takes care of maintaining the homes. These apartments are air-conditioned and provide complimentary access to Wi-Fi to its guests.

Unlike regular hotels, serviced apartments by Deltrum Tourism are located across prominent areas in Bangalore and other cities, making it extremely convenient for its guests to travel to their place of work and also enjoy the recreational facilities in these areas. Not only that, they are located within secure gated communities which have play areas and other interesting activities. 

Serviced apartments provide a pocket and service friendly experience. It is little wonder why people love to make them their temporary home while they are away from home!

Top Serviced Apartments in Bangalore by Deltrum Residential

Home away from home.”

This is what describes Deltrum Residential serviced apartments best. These homes are ideal for people who are looking for short stay options which make them feel at home even when they are travelling to other cities on work. These self serviced apartments are also known as ‘apart-hotels’, and are furnished with appliances such as refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine and air-conditioning. Guests can enjoy free, uninterrupted access to the internet as all the apartments are enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The apartments are located in reputed gated communities with round the clock security and good domestic help for regular maintenance of the apart-hotels. Most of these gated communities have good play areas for children and community centres for families to meet and interact with each other. They also have a reliable power backup facility to handle power outage. The apart-hotels have round the clock access to elevators and are suitable for people of all age groups.

Unlike conventional hotels that are located only in a few areas, Deltrum Residential serviced apartments are located in convenient locations across Bangalore, including Manyata Tech Park, Hebbal, Bangalore International Airport, Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Indiranagar, Koramangala, Old Airport Road, Sarjapur Road and Marathahalli. These locations are Bangalore’s hot spots due to their close proximity to the various IT belts in Bangalore. These localities are bubbling with life at all times of the day. There are plenty of places to eat and unwind after work. Most of these localities have good shopping centres too. Deltrum Residential serviced apartments are located close to these facilities.

Deltrum Residential understands the complexities involved in a busy travelling professional’s life, so there is no strict check-in or check-out policy.

Deltum Residential apart-hotels are indeed the best bet to feeling at home when away from home.

What are Serviced Apartments?

Simply put, service apartments represent a category of accommodation that offer fully furnished apartments for travelers seeking short-term or long-term stay options. The fact that these apartments are “serviced” would mean that they are cleaned and maintained for the convenience of the guest in an unobtrusive manner. It combines the flexibility of apartment living and a number of services to be expected in a luxury home. Most importantly, it provides the luxury of space and freedom to the traveler. In terms of cost, they are charged on a “per apartment” basis and not a “per person” basis, which reduces the cost of accommodation as well.
The Ease of Online Booking

Booking service apartments online is quick and convenient, and lets you concentrate on the other aspects of your trip as opposed to spending time in finding accommodation options. Your personal details are taken in strictest confidence as well.

What to Expect
You can expect utilities such as electricity, gas, water, TV and internet are included in the price of a service apartment package. You are less likely to face hassle with contracts or official documents before you begin to stay at a serviced apartment. In the apartment, you will find domestic appliances including the following:

Digital television;
DVD/CD/radio installation with IPod docking;
Secured ADSL connection/Wifi;
Combined microwave/oven;
Induction stove;
Fridge and freezer;
Kettle and coffee machine;

Apart from that, you will find that you can use health club, swimming pool, laundry facilities, and choose from locations that are closer to public transportation facilities and airports.

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