Advantage of Service Apartment in Bangalore, Manyata Tech Park

Staying away from home has become an inevitable part of the lives of millions of travelers across the world. For most people in search of accommodation while on a business or pleasure trip, the first and only option that comes to mind is a hotel. However, service apartments have emerged as a convenient option for stay for many. Apart from serving business and leisure travelers, they are also an excellent stop-gap for anyone relocating to the city. The main advantages of service apartments in Bangalore are:

Privacy: You know that you are not going to be interrupted at your service apartment and you can even use the space to organize the apartment into separate areas for work and play. With your own mailbox and phone line, it provides you an added sense of privacy and convenience. As opposed to rental apartments which will have landlords, neighbors, maids etc knocking on the door, leaving you with little privacy, you can choose to stay travel and live without anyone disturbing you at service apartments.

Flexibility: The facilities in a service apartment mean that you can eat, sleep or work anytime you want. Its easier to entertain any guests or hold meetings in your service apartments at your own choice. Flexibility in terms of duration of stay also makes these service apartments an attractive stay option for corporate. With terms getting increasingly flexible, it is emerging as the preferred means of stay among companies and private bookings as well.

Cost: While you can choose from a wide range of hotel options. the facilities and extras can add to the cost of hotel stay. On the other hand, service apartments provide significant cost savings especially with room tariffs being less costlier. Apart from that, they also cut costs on restaurant, laundry and other bills. Furthermore, longer stay in service apartments would translate to cheaper rates.

Space: On an average, service apartments are 30% larger than a standard hotel room. With separate areas for cooking, cleaning and unwinding, you are assured a homely experience in a roomy environment when you choose service apartments in Bangalore. Compare a typical 400 sq ft space in a hotel room to the 1500 sq ft and beyond space in service apartments in Bangalore.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of service apartments in Bangalore, speak directly to one of our dedicated account managers who will be happy to find your ideal serviced apartment in Bangalore for you, Make an enquiry, or call 8553998225.

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